MongoDB: can I use capped collections?

From MongoDB site: "Capped collections are fixed sized collections that have a very high performance auto-FIFO age-out feature (age out is based on insertion order). They are a bit like the "RRD" concept if you are familiar with that. In addition, capped collections automatically, with high performance, maintain insertion order for the objects in the collection; this is very powerful for certain use cases such as logging..."

All this is very true, capped collections simply rock on our tests and performance can hit up to 10k events per second, and I am sure it's not a limit! But.

By default logFaces server doesn't create capped collections, because we have a priority to retain log data by specified amount of days, not megabytes. However, having such tremendous performance advantage, capped collections could be a preference for some. If you are one of those, you can easily switch to capped collection by simply converting regular collection into capped collection after logFaces created the database.

Please refer to advanced configuration in user manual for more details, it's actually a very simple task.