What databases can be used with logFaces?

Out of the box, logFaces server comes with Apache Derby embedded database. This setup is adequate to get anyone started using the server. It requires zero installation and will start instantly with fully featured persistence and query support. For some users embedded driver is sufficient. It performs quite well with several million records, and is quite fast on write operations as it doesn't require additional network trip to database server. For larger volumes of data it may require to increase server heap memory or, even better, move to using external database.

As to external database, - theoretically any relational database which can be mapped with hibernate setup will work with logFaces. We do most of our testing with the following databases :

  • Google BigQuery (1.100+)
  • MongoDB (2.2+)
  • Oracle (10g+)
  • MySQL (5.1.22+)
  • SQL Server (09.00.4035)
  • PostgreSQL (8.3.3+)
  • Derby (

Installation comes with hibernate configuration and schemas for those databases, all you have to do is to adjust those files to fit your setup. If you would like to experiment with other database brands, please refer to user manual for more details.

Our distribution includes only those database drivers which are permitted by their license, you will have to obtain drivers from your database vendor if you want to use it with logFaces.