Can I use MS JDBC driver with SQL Server?

Yes. The well known (and really good!) open source jTDS driver is not updated since 2013. On the other hand the Microsoft JDBC driver seems to be actively supported. As of this writing the most recent is version 7.2.2, works fine with logFaces. To install the MS JDBC driver do the following while logFaces server is down:

1. Place driver jar file from the MS distribution under /lib/dbdrivers in your server installation. Note that currently there are separate drivers for JRE 8 and 11. Current version of logFaces (4.5) works with JRE 8 only.

2. If you are going to use integrated authentication, make sure to copy sqljdbc_auth.dll to /bin directory in your server installation.

3. Open your hibernate configuration file, typically /conf/ and modify the following two parameters:

hibernate.connection.driver_class =

hibernate.connection.url = jdbc:sqlserver://host:port;integratedSecurity=true;DatabaseName=lfs

make sure to use your database host, port and sequrity option, the integratedSecurity will try to authenticate specified user and password against the OS running the SQL server