My application logs don't get into logFaces server. What's wrong?

There are several possible reasons:

1. logFaces server is not running or not reachable at specified host or port. First, check admin console status tab for errors. Then make sure your application connects to the specified end point in connectivity tab. And finally verify that you application actually logs anything with logFaces appender. Other common reasons are fire walls and protection software blocking the remote access.

2. If you're using logFaces client, try to click on Refresh button at Repository view. You should see your application name there. If it's not there, then definitely something is wrong. Read on.

3. If you're not seeing data in your database, perhaps logFaces is filtering it out, please check Database tab in administration console.

4. You forgot to add logFaces appender to the root of loggers in your configuration.

5. logFaces appender is not started properly due to misconfiguration. You should see some errors during application starts when logFaces appender is activated.

6. logFaces server license is expired. When this happens, the engine will stop accepting logs from applications and will deny access to clients.